An easier childhood with Amblyz

Milan, Ljubljana, September 7, 2012 – Children with amblyopia (lazy eye) do not only experience sight problems, but also a psychological barrier due to the way this deficiency is treated – patching the good eye, forcing the use of the amblyopic eye. Although the method is known to be the most efficient, children with patched eyes or glasses tend to be easily stigmatized or even excluded from their environment.

This is why the American company XPAND, together with Israeli scientists, decided to develop special electronic glasses and name them Amblyz. The electronic device has a preprogrammed system of opening and closing the LCD lenses, so that the parents and the child don’t have to worry when to wear the glasses and when not. But the most important thing is that the glasses are of superior design and do not stigmatize the child – on the contrary, the child with a pair of Amblyzs will definitely be the coolest kid on the playground!

XPAND gave us the honor to develop their brand, concept and all the materials for the world premiere that took place on September 6 in Milan. After this presentation we still

have to prepare the rest of the materials.

Probably the most difficult part was the photo shooting and the postproduction. At the time of the photo shooting, XPAND had just a couple of prototypes available, which were in the US. This is why we had to take pictures of the kids without glasses and then add them to the pictures. The super cute little couple played their role amazingly!


The whole family under one roof!

Ljubljana, August 8, 2012 – Don’t worry, we are not talking about “pleasant” family reunions. Debitel, one of our biggest mobile operators, prepared a completely new and unique price plan and called it SuperD. It is designed for families and other groups which have up to five users. The advantage of the price plan are exceptionally low prices, but most of all one bill and a joint number of SMS messages and minutes.

At the launch of the SuperD price plan, we prepared a campaign in which we decided to play with the family environment, as it is full of typical events that are a consequence of sharing common areas in a home. Who is not familiar with waiting in front of the bathroom door? Is there anybody who has never been late because their partner, sister, brother, child needed “just one more minute”? A typical question in front of the bathroom door: “How much …?”

As the price plan enables sharing of minutes and SMSs, the main character is the father, who wants to know how much – but as we see later in the ad, he is not interested in the minutes spent in the bathroom, but in the number of minutes and SMSs still available for sharing. And then of course he uses them up, in the bathroom.

Along with the three TV ads, we also created a billboard, printed adds, a poster, banners, backgrounds, leaflets …


Hello winter!

Ljubljana, July 30, 2012 – The sun is burning mercilessly, the temperatures are (to put it mildly) summerlike, even our “office enforcer” Das doesn’t feel like jumping around and catching balls and sticks. Meanwhile, in our heads, word documents and storyboards, the situation is completely different.

It is already serious winter here! August is anxiously waiting at the door and most of our clients are already filling us with Santas, sledges, Rudolfs, snow, presents, skiing … serious winter stuff! Right now it is really nice to think about winter, snowboarding, skiing … hell yes!


Top pellets = Peletop

Ljubljana, July 29, 2012 – Biomass heating is being avoided by many, mostly because of the lack of information and knowledge about this nature friendly energy source. We have to admit that in our agency we were also a little bit skeptical, but only until we began our collaboration with the company Promles, which sells exactly biomass. On the Slovenian market, there are quite a few companies offering wood based energy, but whose communication abilities are still in an embryonic phase. The company Promles set itself the goal to become Slovenia’s number one in this market segment, and to achieve their goal they needed a suitable brand. The result was Peletop.

When choosing the name, we had to consider that the name needs to be simple, applicative, transparent and timeless. It also has to be suitable for foreign markets but at the same time unprotected and with a free domain … quite complicated.

Visually, the Peletop products are much similar to the visual identity of Promles. The difference is in the flame, the main graphical element, which elegantly and evenly rises above the brand name and indicates growth and dynamics. In the first phase, we created, besides the logo and the paper goods, also the entire web page and the packaging for three different types of wood pellets.


Promles has a new look

Ljubljana, July 18, 2012 – Energy saving and environment friendly prefabricated wooden houses are very popular at the moment, as they tend to be much nicer to the environment, and even your wallet, than ordinary brick houses. The competition on the market is therefore big and the companies that manufacture and sell such houses need to present themselves in the best way possible. This is why the company Promles asked us for a whole new visual identity that reflects the quality of their products. We also take care of the company’s brand personality and identity and help with media planning.

Promles used to sell and build prefabricated wooden houses of the company Promo, but now they expanded their activity and are selling also other types of prefabricated wooden houses, which are even more advanced, and they also offer a wide range of wood products and semi-products.

The basic symbol represents a tree and its annual rings, security, good ideas and growth. The basic color is brown, which is in further communication enriched with leaf green color. The basic typography is clean and clear – simple, Gotham.

In the next phase, our task will be to create a whole new web page, together with a completely new CMS.


Mano a mano :)

Ljubljana, 29. 6. 2012 —The good guys at Marketing Magazine had interviewed Petrol’s director of marketing Rok Cuderman, as well as our own art director Andrej Troha. They probed Troha’s brains for information on brands and other need-to-knows’ in detail. More in the latest issue of Marketing Magazine, where you can also enjoy reading about our sweet campaign for Debitel’s price plan Moj D under this months’ selection.


We Are Now Members of Club Petrol!

Ljubljana, 16. 6. 2012 — Slovenia’s largest petrol company Petrol entrusted us with a renewal and redesign of their summer catalogue Petrol Klub and supporting communication.



We put indigestion back in balance.

Ljubljana, 8. 6. 2012 — Meetings at impossible hours, long calls, stressful jobs, traffic jams due to road-works (or rather slow-works), demanding kids/parents/partners/pets, and only 24 hours a day. No wonder we are constantly searching for shortcuts when it comes to food and fill the void in our stomachs with fast and unhealthy meals on the go.


Klicaj and dot, dot, dot…

Ljubljana, 4. 6. 2012 — No matter how decisive Klicaj is aspiring to be, the original Klicaj team had separated. That is why we have decided to expand and add three new dots in form of experienced youngsters. These guys hatched in big agencies, but decided that they prefer an environment in which personal approach, unrestraining mentality and responsibility is cherished.

David Anand Rajapakse ❋ Klemen Šefer ❋ Miha Pontelli


Do you still remember, old friends?

Ljubljana, 29. 5. 2012 — Today, at the Museum of Modern History, there was an opening ceremony of the exhibition GOTO 1892. We’ll admit without shame, the exhibition could bring few nostalgic tears to the eyes of seasoned geeks. It will take you back to the time you first saw a computer and when you first started learning about programming. Be it for the almost 50 y/o IBM 1130, the 30 y/o Spektrum or the 20 y/o pixelated but still very entertaining Prince of Persia.